Our Programs

Children’s House offers a varied and rich Primary curriculum including, but not limited to, Practical Life Skills, Language Development, Math, Science, Geography, and Art.

CMS also offer an Elementary Program. A Montessori elementary program is divided into two sections, Lower Elementary (1st through 3rd year) and Upper Elementary (4th and 5th year).

Come to visit us, listen to stories like this, picture a day at your child’s school, and consider the question: Do you want your child just to love school, or do you want your child also to love learning?

When planning your child’s school year, remember that free play is very important for child development (read more here and here).  The Montessori approach to school recognizes this and harnesses the executive development that happens when children take ownership of their learning. At our school, children choose within a highly structured environment, so that the benefits of self-direction get combined with academic and practical learning. We provide space for instructors to teach activities after the core school day is over, which we hope will help families free up their evenings to be together. (And – sometimes a child just needs to daydream. That’s ok. Our Elementary school even has a room for that very purpose!)