Physical Education at Children’s House

The goal of the PE program at CMS is to develop the whole child, both mind and body. As the instructor, I serve as role model and demonstrate a variety of physical skills that assist and motivate the students to have fun while being physically active. This sets an example of self-respect and respect for others by treating each student as a unique individual. Our PE time is not a short term search for athletes and a feeder system for sports. PE at CMS is a life lesson – everyone can learn, that is to participate and enjoy physical activities. PE is a means for people to learn and explore with the goal of having a longer and more fulfilling life full of activity.

The activities taught will be cooperative in nature, NOT competitive. ‘Winning’ is not the goal. ‘Success’ is the goal – i.e. trying one’s best and improving in both skill and cooperative teamwork. The only competition we stress is always with one’s self. Improvement in self confidence will lead to better cooperation and better social skills is the ultimate goal.

Physical skills will be taught with either the ‘part to the whole’ or the ‘whole to the part’ method depending on difficulty and on the ability levels of the students. An emphasis is placed on doing skills correctly vs. a ‘numbers done’ mentality. Quality over quantity is what we emphasize: Practice does not make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect. Our goal is that each student will have the opportunity to lead their classmates during exercises which will help them to internalize the importance of the skills we teach.