“I like the Montessori method. It teaches through play. It makes learning a pleasure. It follows the natural instincts of the human being.” – Thomas Alva Edison

Our Philosophy is Learn. Think. Grow.

We provide a safe, authentic, and creative Montessori community for learning for children 3 to 12 years old, Pre-K through 6th grade.

Our classrooms are run by American Montessori Society trained and certified teachers, and all our teachers have at a minimum one master’s degree.

We have mixed age classrooms (3-6 year olds, 6-9 years old, 9-12 years old) in order to create an environment of independence, interdependence and community, creativity and exploration.

Because of the mixed age classroom, children learn to work together, to share, and to respect each other. The Montessori method is based on respecting and following the child, and this became the foundation of the methodology that began with Maria Montessori a hundred years ago. This means that our teachers, through careful observation of the children, will present developmentally appropriate lessons to each student when the child is ready to learn it. In this way, learning becomes a positive and engaging experience. Children will gain an intrinsic and substantive knowledge of math, language, science and culture seemingly effortlessly. Lessons focus on growing and acknowledging the whole child and adapting the learning to each individual child.

Montessori is a well-established educational methodology with a century long history. CMS has been teaching Montessori since 1971.

Our Elementary School

Inherent in our mission is to allow children to retain their love of learning as they grow. Therefore, we added an elementary section in August 2014. A Montessori education is about children learning, not being taught (Click to read a parent from another school explain the differenceread a letter from one of our parents here). If you are one of our Primary patrons, please consider allowing your child to continue exploring the world by enrolling in our Elementary school.

Your child can begin Montessori elementary without having attended Montessori primary. If you are new to CMS and looking for an authentic Montessori Elementary experience please call (405) 321-1275 to set up a tour and get more information and to find out if we would be a good fit for you and your child.

Watch a video about what a Montessori Elementary education is like here.

At CMS, we value diversity. We admit students of any race, color, religion, and national and ethnic origin.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in our educational and financial policies or in any school administered activity.

Curious About Montessori?

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Wise supporters: Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison.

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Please explore this website. We have included materials and links to give you a flavor of the Montessori methodology. We invite you to call us to come and visit our school.

“Not having heard something is not as good as having heard it; having heard it is not as good as having seen it; having seen it is not as good as knowing it; knowing it is not as good as putting it into practice.” 不闻不若闻之, 闻之不若见之, 见之不若知之, 知之不若行之 – Xunzi